Sudbury Tactical Sambo & Grappling Training

What is Tactical Sambo?

Tactical Sambo focuses more on the techniques of Sport Sambo rather than Combat Sambo. One of the main differences between Tactical Sambo and Sport Sambo is the Curriculum.

Traditionally Sambo does not have a distinctive curriculum; you show up to class and learn the techniques, practice then come back the next day. This type of teaching is great if you can attend all the classes all the time. Unfortunately this is not the case with today’s fast paced life.

As I hear from many on my students, “Work is getting in the way of my training”. Unless you are a professional fighter and can devote yourself to training all the time, the traditional Sambo teaching methods would work fine for you. But let’s face it we are not all Pro fighters and we do have to work. This is where Tactical Sambo comes in.

Tactical Sambo is based on a specific curriculum that the student learns and can see his progression. Although there are no rankings in Traditional Sambo, Tactical Sambo uses a simple ranking that shows the student’s development.

In Tactical Sambo there are 5 different levels, Apprentice levels 1-3, Coach and Instructor. Each level has specific technical as well as competitive requirements to achieve before moving to the next level.

Due to the lack of Sambo tournaments in Canada, Tactical Sambo athletes wear a Jui-Jitsu Gi (Japanese for uniform) top and pant or shorts rather than the traditional Kurtka (Russian for jacket) and shorts. The athletes also have the option to wear wrestling shoes.

Belt color is not significant of rank in Tactical Sambo, it usually matches the color of the uniform, if you have a blue uniform, your belt would be blue, a red uniform has a red belt and yes, if you have a black uniform you can wear a black belt.

Tactical Sambo athletes have the opportunity to compete in various provincial, national, international and world competitions. Sambo, Brazillian JiuJitsu, FILA grappling and Pancration are some examples of the different competitions our athletes have participated in.

Even if you are an expert in wrestling, grappling or some other martial art, Sambo will help you improve your fighting game drastically. Therefore, don’t wait; drop by the Academy and take the opportunity to learn this great art.

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